Who is responsible for the use of your data?

The person interested that facilitates Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.), data of the nature of personal information in person, through the webpage, by email or other channels (for example, social network) is informed that the use of their data is done by:

Address: Jorge Juan 19, 6ºA. 28001. Madrid

Phone number: +34 985 560 091

Email address:


With what purpose do we use your data?

The collection and use of the personal information, has as purposes:

  • Provide the services requested by the user.
  • Manage, administrate, lend, extend and improve the services provided by Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.)
  • Adapt those services to improve the quality for the user.
  • Design new services related to the previous ones.
  • Evaluate and manage, given the case, their CV for selection processes that adapt to their profile and put into action the necessary actions for the selection and professional hiring.
  • Perform statistical studies that allow to design improvements in the services provided.
  • Send information requested by the user.
  • Send information related to modifications in the products or services hired by the user.
  • Send information about new products or similar services to the people hired originally or that it could be of their interest regardless the channel, including electronically, including the period after the commercial relation between Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.) and the interested has ended.

Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.) guarantees that the data handed won´t be subsequently used in an incompatible way than what was previously listed.

When it is planned to use at a later time the personal information for a different purpose than when it was gathered, the person affected, will be notified beforehand the data is used, and will be informed with what new purpose their data will be used for and any other information that may seem interesting for them.

The personal data provided will be saved during the correspondent period to meet the legal requirements, or until the user requests its withdrawal and he is capacitated to do so.

More precisely, the period in which the personal information will be kept the minimum time needed, being possible to keep it until:

  • 4 more years from the current year (Arts. 66 and sig. General Tributary Law)
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions with no special term)
  • 6 years: Art. 30 Commerce Code (accounting balances, bills…)

The data from the candidates in the selection processes will be saved for up to a year or until de process they applied to closes.

The personal data from the application form from the website will be saved until the process is satisfactorily finished or until the consent is withdrawn.


What legitimates Zima for the use of your data?

Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.) is entitled to the use of your personal data based on:

  • The explicit consent granted by the user for one or more purposes, as the it is established in the art. 6.1.a from the PDPA.
  • Those services provided by Zima Corp (Zima Equity investment, S.L.) for which it may need to use of personal data having it legally due to direct consent given by the user, the same has the right of not authorizing it, being aware that this means that that service won´t be granted.
  • In the same way, the compulsory information from the contact form in the website will identify, as such, the request form. The opposition to this will mean that it won´t allow the service to be provided to the user.
  • The same way, it is entitled to the use of personal data based on the contractual relation or the legitimate interest when a contractual relation with the user or when it comes to provide services or own goods equal or equivalent to the ones hired or requested previously.


To whom will this information be sent?

The data will be sent to other companies from the corporate group ZIMA CORP, with internal administrative purposes, including the use of personal data of clients and employees. You can access the complete list of societies integrated in ZIMA CORP. Through the following link:

The data will be communicated to the people responsible for the use with whom Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investments, S.L.) has deals over the use of that data. The relation between Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.) and those in charge of the use, will be marked by the contract signed by both parties, in which it is guaranteed the use of the personal data in accordance to the PDPA.

With the purpose that the available data in our files, digital or physical, always match reality, they will be updated. This way, to all effects, the user will have to do changes, directly, when it is enabled or communicating it, via a trustful channel, to the correspondent area or department of Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.)

The personal data gathered through an email address property of the responsible of the use, won´t be handed or communicated to third parties, except on the situation of being necessary for the development, control or accomplishments of the purposes previously mentioned, with all the situations contemplated by the law, as well as in specific cases, that the user must be informed of.


Which are the rights when users give us their data?

Any person has the right to receive a confirmation about if Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investments, S.L.) is dealing with personal data that concerns them. The people interested have a right to access their personal data, as well as, to request the editing of the inaccurate data or, given the case, request its omission when, for example, the data isn´t necessary for the purposes it was gathered for anymore.

In the conditions contemplated by the PDPA, the users will be able to request the limitation over the use of their data and its portability, in which case, we would only save them to defend against complains.

In particular situations and due to reasons related to a specific situation, the users may oppose to the use of your data. If the user has granted its authorization for a specific purpose, he has the right to withdraw it at any point, without it affecting the legality of the use of that data previous to the withdrawal. In these situations, we will stop using the data or, depending on the situation, we will stop using it for the purpose that was denied, except for legitimate reasons or the defense of possible complains.

It is also assisted by the right to share that data.

The exercise of these rights can be done following what is established in the document “Instructions for the Exercise of the Users” available in the webpage of ZIMA CORP. The steps to be followed consist in filling out the application that is in the document mentioned and send it via email to the address or by physical mail to the fiscal address of the company: Jorge Juan 19, 6ºA. 28001. Madrid.

In the case of the user exercising he´s rights, ZIMA CORP will respond to the applications of the user without delay within a one-month period, and explain the reasons in case of not meeting them. That period will be able to be extended for another two months in case of it being needed, having in mind the complexity and the number of requests. The person in charge will inform the user of each one of those delays in a period of a month, starting the delivery day, informing of the reasons of the delay.

In the case of violation of the rights, especially when it hasn´t received satisfaction of its exercise, the user can present a claim to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection ( or a different authorized institution. You can also obtain more information about your rights by attending one of this organizations.


How do we obtain your data?

Zima Corp (Zima Equity investment, S.L.) obtains their data through the next sources:

  1. The information that you grant us directly, including in person, through the webpage, email or other sources (for example, social media).
  2. External information sources, as diaries and an official newsletter, public records, decision of the Public Administration, phonebooks, lists of professionals from a professional association, official lists to prevent fraud, social network and Internet. In particular, the data that we will use include the following categories: information to identify, postal codes or electronic, academic and professional information.
  3. Other companies from the group ZIMA CORP for internal management purposes. In particular, the data we use include the following categories: information to identify yourself, postal codes or electronic, academic and professional information.