Channel of issues

Zima Corp wants to ensure a specific communication channel with the direction and members of government, that can be useful when it comes to increasing awareness about an irregularity, violation or attitude against the ethics, legality or the norms that apply to this group.

We inform that the personal information shared will be treated in a confidential way, and it will be added to a data of personal files with the purpose of managing the channel of complains of Zima Corp.

The ownership of this file corresponds to Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investments, S.L.), with address Jorge Juan 19, 6ºA. 28001. Madrid or from those societies or entities that appear listed in the memories of the Annual Consolidated Accounts.

The same way, we inform you that, in any case, you can exercise your rights following the established procedures established in the document “Instruction to follow for the Experience of the interested” available in the webpage.


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