This is a legal notification of compulsory viewing that regulates the conditions of use that must be observed and followed by the users of this webpage.

Goal and ownership

This webpage has been created with the goal to offer detailed information about Zima and all the companies that form the corporation, as well as offering the possibility to contact us. From Zima we keep to ourselves the right to modify, update and fix unilaterally, at any moment with no previous notification, the webpage and the Legal Notification and/or the Cookies Policies.

Conditions of the use of the webpage

The users commit to the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, from the 11th of July, of the Law of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce, we inform the users that the owner of the webpage is Zima Corp (Zima Equity Investment, S.L.), Jorge Juan 19, 6ºA. 28001. Madrid; provided of C.I.F./N.I.F. number B87248654. Appears registered in the Public Registry for Business of Asturias, in the Volume 33273, Book 0, Page 103, Section 8, page number M598773.

The users commit to doing a diligent use of the webpage and the services available through the same and not to use the services or information included in the webpage to develop activities against the law, the ethic and the good habits, the public order and, in general, to a use in line with this legal warning.

Zima will be able to interrupt temporarily or definitely, according to its own criteria, the access to the webpage, as well as providing of any or all the services that are provided through the same, at any point and without previous notification. In the case of commercial communications from Zima to its users, these would only take place in the case that those users had given, previously, their consent through an email or any other written way.

Transfer of rights

The user declares and accepts with no doubt giving voluntarily their information, of any type, to Zima through an application or any other channels available. With this, the user ensures that that information doesn´t attempt against any intellectual property right, of a brand, of a patent, commercial secret, or any other right from a third party, that that information doesn´t contain any kind of confidentiality and that that information isn´t harming third parties.

Finally, the user assumes exclusively the responsibility and will leave Zima unharmed for any communication done personally or in behalf, reaching that responsibility, with no restrictions, its precision, legality, originality and ownership of the same. Nevertheless, the possibility of retrieving the information with an email is offered.

Intellectual Property Rights

Zima is owner of the Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial of all of the content in the webpage, except for that content provided by other sites with no copyright such as free bank images or sites of special characters like Flaticon/Freepik. In these cases, we acknowledge that the property rights of their authors, in any case, Zima disposes of the correspondent authorization to use the most convenient of their content.

It is completely forbidden the play, except in private use, the disposal to the public and in general and any other way of exploiting part of or the totality of the contents of the webpage, as well as their design. These acts of exploitation only could be done through the explicit authorization of the corporation and always making explicit reference to the ownership of Zima of those Intellectual Property Rights.

It is forbidden to, without a previous consent from Zima, any manipulation, alteration of the webpage or any type of advertising like, for example, the shipment of emails unsolicited (SPAM).

Therefore, Zima won´t assume any type of responsibility derivative, or that could be derivate, from that alteration or manipulation by third parties.

Limitation of the responsibility

Through this webpage, Zima provides and gives access to data or information, whatever the source is, through its network. Zima doesn’t ensure the quality, precision, reliability, editing or morality of the content referred previously; therefore, the user accepts voluntarily leaving Zima exempt of any responsibility in relation with what was said previously, and assuming under its exclusive responsibility of their consequences, damages or actions that could lead to the access of those contents, as well as its use, reproduction or dissemination.

Zima declines any kind of responsibility for damages and losses that generates an impossibility of lending services offered on its website caused by incidents of accidental nature, bigger cause or other causes not responsibility of Zima. It also won´t assume any responsibility for the non-correct working of their webpage if it corresponds to poor maintenance, to incidents that affect national and international users, to a deficient configuration of the clients and users or to its insufficient capacity to maintain the minimum informatic systems required to be able to use this web or incompatibilities with the informatic systems of the users or clients.

Zima won´t be considered responsible for the possible damages from interferences, omissions, informatic viruses or telephone malfunctioning. And those users who use direct links will do it under their own responsibility without the use of these implicate a direct relation between Zima and the responsible of the page en which the direct link is uploaded or hosted, and neither the approval or acceptance by Zima of its content or services.